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how to build muscle

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whenever you meet someone new you make
an almost instantaneous visual
assessment regardless of who you are
this is a mechanism that has evolved
over the course of time to help increase
your probability of having healthy
offspring and although attraction isn't
just about physical traits. physical
traits do seem to play a big role during
first impressions for both men and women
and when it comes to physically
attractive traits for men research and
survey show that most women seem to
prefer stronger looking men and that
they're also highly attracted to five
very specific muscles that I want to
share with you today, in a very
interesting recent study researchers
created a photo database of male college
students that were either shirtless or
wearing tank tops sixty of these men
were picked at random from the college
gym meanwhile the other 130 men were
chosen at random from psychology courses
before asking women to rate these men.

the researchers first tested the
physical abilities of the students in
regard to things like their weight
lifting strength their grip strength and
other measures of strength then other
students were asked to rate the strength
of each man they saw in the photos on a
scale of one to seven with seven being
the strongest and it turned out that
both men and women were very good at
guessing a stranger strength.
 in fact their perceptions of strength closely
aligned with the actual strength of the
men in the pictures next a group of
women were asked to rate each man's
physique in terms of attractiveness, and
the results according to the researchers
was that the strongest men were the most
attractive and the weakest men were the
least attractive on top of that none of
the women in the study who rated
attractiveness had a statistically
significant preference for weaker men
meaning none of the women preferred a
weak guy over a stronger looking guy and
when the results were plotted on a graph
you can clearly see that there was a
very close correlation between muscular
strength and attractiveness the results
also showed no drop off point instead it
was more or less of a linear
relationship between strength and
physical attractiveness. and this was
seen in both samples the students that
were recruited from the gym and the
students recruited from the psychology
classes now even though this study found
that there was no upper limit and
the stronger a man look the more
attractive he appeared at first glance
to women it's important to mention that
other studies have found an upper limit
resembling an inverted u effect which
means that women preferred moderately
strong looking men but not extremely
strong or weak looking men so if someone
has an unnaturally large amount of
muscle due to taking drugs like steroids
they may not be considered as attractive
as a moderately muscular looking man but
the bottom line is that for the most
part if men can appear to look stronger
women will find them more physically
attractive during that first impression
so how do we do that well it turns out
that strength and muscle mass are very
closely related which means as a general
rule the more muscle someone has the
stronger they tend to be a perfect
example of this can be seen in studies
on power lifters where the biggest
difference between stronger and weaker
lifters is that the stronger ones have
more lean body mass or in other words
they have more muscle we see something
similar in another study where
scientists looked at the correlation
between chest size and 1 rep max
strength on the bench press and as a
general rule the more the people benched
the more mass they had on their pecs
so since muscle mass strength and
attractiveness are all related the women
that participated in the study where
they rated men on a scale of 1 to 7 like
I already said they also found 5
specific muscles on the men in the
photos that they thought were most
attractive so let's go through these
starting first with the fifth most
attractive muscle group the shoulders
the shoulders are attracted to women
most likely because broad shoulders are
a sign of a high testosterone level
which is an indicator of a strong immune
system specifically the shoulders and
the traps have a high amount of androgen
receptors which are activated by binding
to testosterone and the amount of
androgen receptors you have in your
muscles decreases as you move down your
body that's why broad shoulders are
better at predicting high testosterone
levels than muscular calves for example
so the best way to train your shoulders
for them to be well rounded is by making
sure that you work all three heads the
front side and rear delt to keep these
parts of your shoulder in proportion
you'll want to incorporate at least one
over pressing exercise one side race and one
rear delt exercise in each of your
shoulder training workouts
also since the shoulders are made up of
about an even amount of both fast twitch
and slow twitch muscle fibers varying
your rep ranges throughout your routine
from low to medium to high can be very
beneficial for shoulder growth and by
the way I'm gonna include five links
below that'll take you to videos that
show you comprehensively how to best
Train all five of these most attractive
muscles let's move on to the fourth most
attractive muscle which was the biceps
with biceps it's tough to see an
evolutionary reason for why biceps may
be more attractive instead I think it's
primarily because our society as a whole
often uses the biceps as a symbol of
strength and power also some of the men
in this study were wearing tank tops in
their photos
so obviously biceps and shoulders would
be more visible than something like the
chest for example now the best way to
train your biceps is by performing heavy
compound exercises like pull-ups
chin-ups and rows while also
incorporating some isolation exercises
like barbell dumbbell and cable curls
you also want to remember that you have
to by subheads the long head on the
outside of your arm and the short head
on the inside so for isolation exercises
it's generally a good idea to mix in
different curl variations such as hammer
curls incline curls and high cable curls
all of these movements will help
emphasize a different part of the upper
arm which will allow you to build bigger
and stronger looking biceps next the
third most attractive muscle was the ABS
and besides many Hollywood movies and
advertisers that have again and again
used the ABS as a symbol of male
attractiveness the likely reason why
well-developed ABS are considered so
attractive from an evolutionary
perspective is because you can only have
them if you also have a low body fat
percentage which is an indicator of
being fit and fertile for example
research shows that there's a negative
dose-response relation between body fat
percentage and fertility if your BMI is
over 18 point 5 which means the more
body fat you have the less fertile you
tend to be since having visible abs
indicates that you have a low body fat
percentage it also showcases that you're
more likely to be able to reproduce
successfully on top of that visceral fat
or fat stored around your midsection and
is bad for your health in general
because when there's too much of it it
produces high amounts of inflammation
which can promote the development of a
number of chronic diseases now one of
the biggest mistakes that people make
when training their abs is they don't
train them with a progressive weight
training model which basically means
that they don't increase the amount of
weight that they're using for their ab
exercises over time you definitely want
to make sure that you're consistently
training your abs with weights and that
you're trying to up the weight that
you're using when training your abs to
build up those ab muscles but as
important as training is training alone
will never reveal your abs to have your
abs show you will have to eat clean
foods that allow you to burn off any
excess fat around your stomach let's
move on to the second most attractive
muscle the glutes now it's interesting
to note that all of the top five muscles
that were rated most attracted by women
were upper body muscles except for the
glutes glutes are most likely attractive
because they're once again a good
indicator of being physically fit
they're important for almost all
physical activities including running
fast and jumping high so having
well-developed glutes may subconsciously
give off an impression of greater
athleticism which at one point was very
important for survival
many people claim that the hip thrust is
the best exercise for training the
glutes however last month a new study
came out in which researchers assessed
whether hip thrusts or deep squats were
better for glute development they
divided the participants into two groups
one performed deep squats for 12 weeks
while the other performed hip thrusts
after 12 weeks the quads grew six times
more in the squat group then in the hip
thrust group which is no surprise since
there's minimal knee flexion during the
hip thrusts but for the glutes the
results were much more surprising the
hip thrust led to a 4% Glu growth while
the full squats led to a 9% growth which
is more than double the results so
bottom line is if you want to build up
and develop your glutes it seems much
more effective to do deep squats rather
than hip thrusts also as an added
benefit you'll stimulate many other
muscles to a greater extent including
the quads and the spinal erectors
finally let's move on to the number one
most attractive muscle according to
women the obliques these are most likely
once again for the same reason that abs
are attractive because the visible
obliques show that you have a low body
fat percentage which is a symbol of
fitness and fertility also keep in mind
that the obliques aren't just located on
the sides of your ribs but they also
make up a large portion of the Vika at
the bottom of the ABS and that V outline
has been promoted as a desirable
physical trait in movies advertisements
and in modern pop culture in general to
reveal the obliques
just like the ABS you will have to
follow a healthy nutrition plan that
allows you to shed the excess fat around
your midsection and to build them up
there are many great exercises you can
choose from some of my favorite are
hanging oblique knee raises landmine
Russian twist and oblique v-ups
just like the other muscles we talked
about I'll include an in-depth video
with step-by-step instructions and
demonstrations for the best exercises to
build up the obliques in the description
below that about wraps it up guys I
really hope that you enjoyed this video
if you have make sure you subscribe to
this channel and hit that Bell icon of
course remember that other than these
five muscles it's important for you to
train the rest of the muscles in your
body even if they're not necessarily the
most attractive since this will help you
look more proportional and staying
better overall shape so whether you're
trying to burn fat or build muscle if
you want to skip all the trial and error
we have programs specifically designed
to help you accomplish your body
transformation goals for those of you
looking to burn off the fat off your
midsection to reveal your abs our fat
loss program is helping our clients lose
around 20 pounds or 5% of their body fat
in just six weeks
and if you're looking for muscle growth
our lean bulking program is helping
people gain 15 pounds of lean mass in
just 90 days without all that fat gain
that's typically associated with bulking
programs with our courses you'll get
step-by-step weekly workout plans that
come with a full video exercise library
so you're never left confused you'll
also get a customizable diet plan that
can be based on many different
approaches such as carb cycling
intermittent fasting paleo keto one meal
a day vegan and vegetarian just to name
a few and each plan comes with a recipe book
and the best part is that if you have
any questions you'll have an
accountability coach there that's
assigned to you from the very beginning
to help guide you through the entire process.
I'll see you guys soon.

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