Circuit Training At The Gym - what is Circuit Training ?

Circuit Training At The Gym

Circuit Training At The Gym

Between cardio, strength training, endurance and fitness, the training circuit is a method of toning the whole body by repeating exercises. Better than a fitness program already written in advance, the training circuit is much more fun and promises great results in the short term!


The circuit training is a technique offering a great possibility of unlimited and simple to implement training and combinations of exercises. Thus, during a circuit training session, the athlete performs a series of several physical exercises mobilizing all the muscles of the body with a limited rest time. The principle is that the rest time is less than the working time. Once all the exercises have been completed, there is a longer break to restart for a new round.

Generally, a training circuit lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on how much time you have to devote to your sports training. It is important to know that no training circuit is the same, a sports coach will personalize it according to your objectives and if you do it yourself, you will personalize it according to your desires.

For example, if you want to complete your sports session in 20 minutes, start with 6 different exercises: jumping jack, burpees, squats jumped, skipping rope, knee lifts, push-ups, board... Timing: start with a sequence of these 6 exercises by making 30 seconds of effort and 15 seconds of recovery. At the end of the 6th exercise, take a longer break of 45 seconds to 1 minute and then start again for a new round. Carry out 5 series of this sequence of 6 exercises.



The training circuit allows you to work your cardio while maintaining a high heart rate throughout the session. But it also allows you to lose weight, tone up and even gain muscle.

Gain endurance. Whether in sport or in everyday life, endurance is fundamental. Indeed, a good cardiovascular system is simply a sign of good health, and it is important to know that even today 17.5 million people still die each year from cardiovascular disease. So just for that alone, make your heart work hard!

Lose weight. The calories expended during a training circuit contributes directly to refine you. Associated with a balanced diet such as Croq'Kilos, there is no doubt that you will quickly reach your ideal weight, lose fat and lose your stomach.

Muscle gain. The training circuit is useful for toning up, strengthening yourself and making your figure more athletic. The circuit training programs will involve all your muscle groups for a harmonious physical development. The sheathing and toning of deep muscles are also part of the program.


The main advantage of the training circuit is that it promises to save you a lot of time. Contrary to a classic weight training session which sometimes requires at least one hour to work a few muscle groups, here you link all the exercises of your weight training session together, so your training time is reduced. This type of customizable training can be easily adapted to your schedule.

Another advantage, and not the least, is that you can do a circuit training session wherever you want, either at the gym or directly at home, since it does not require any equipment other than a floor mat (and more!). A circuit training session can be done at home, in your living room, using body weight only. A skipping rope can also be a nice accessory to include for a little more cardio!

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