Firm, toned arms in three exercises!

Firm, toned arms in three exercises!

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The back of the arms is one of the recurring complexes of many of us, especially women. In weight rooms, it often seems that upper body exercises are reserved for men, which can be intimidating for beginners.
We propose 3 specific exercises to tone your triceps:

1. Extension over the head

This movement develops the part of the triceps which is located on the back side of the arm. The position of the arm above the head makes the exercise slightly more difficult compared to other exercises. Therefore, be careful with the load used so as not to injure yourself.
The extension above the head puts pressure on the entire triceps, which is made up of three beams that allow the arm to be extended forward.

To perform the movement, sit on a bench with your back straight. Hold a dumbbell in your hand and hold it like a hammer, with your arm stretched out above your head. Lower the dumbbell behind your head as low as possible with your elbow pointing upwards. Move up and down, paying attention that only the forearm is moving.

2. Kick back

The Kick Back Triceps helps to develop the triceps at the back of the arm. It is an exercise that is regularly placed at the end of the sessions to feel a good congestion.
This isolation exercise requires a great deal of concentration, so stay attentive to the load used in order to perform the movement correctly.

This exercise mainly targets the inner and outer triceps bundles but also the back shoulder.

Position yourself on a bench with your chest bent forward, one knee and your free hand resting on the bench. Make sure to keep your back straight. The arm holding the dumbbell remains parallel to the ground, and the elbow is slightly above the torso. Extend your arm, palm of the hand toward the ceiling, in a precise and controlled manner.

3. High Pulley Extension

The extension to the high pulley develops the triceps as a whole. This exercise allows you to use ever-increasing loads which will allow you to gain muscle mass.
This exercise is generally recommended for beginners because it is easy to perform.

The extension to the high pulley is performed using a rope or a bar and allows you to isolate the internal and external bundles although it is very complete.

This exercise is performed standing, feet slightly wider than the pelvis, back always straight and knees bent, arms tight against the chest. Stretch the arms out to full extension and then return to the starting position and the elbows must remain glued to the sides.

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