How to do yoga ? Exercises for beginners - video

How to do yoga ? Exercises for beginners

How to do yoga - yoga for beginners

How to do yoga? What are good practices for beginners? Here are some easy yoga exercises to do at home.

When faced with the daily stress of being a mom, taking time for yourself is vital. The beginner's yoga postures discussed here are among the most popular among yoga practitioners. Doing yoga, even as a beginner, is excellent for relieving stress and feeling calm. So to all those who have ever wondered how to do yoga, let's take 5 minutes of our time for easy yoga postures to do at home.

How to do Yoga: Exercise for Beginners

Breathing is an integral part of beginner's yoga. Let's make sure we breathe in and out correctly as we move from one pose to the next. Let's stand at the top of our mat with our hands at our sides. Standing up, straightening your spine and closing your eyes is a beginner's yoga posture that shouldn't be too much trouble. Let's take a few breaths to relax. Yoga and breathing go hand in hand. This pose helps to strengthen the alignment of our spine and the general posture.

Yoga and Breathing

Anyone who has ever wondered how to do yoga will be surprised at how easy it is to do. Let's open our eyes, breathe in and put our arms above our head. Make sure we keep our shoulders down. Stretch your arms out like airplane wings and bend forward as you exhale. Keep your legs straight or with your knees slightly bent if your hamstring muscles are too tight. Touch the mat with your fingers while looking up. Try to keep your back as flat as possible.

Yoga at Home: Exercise for Beginners

Place your hands firmly on the floor with your right leg back for this yoga exercise. Tighten your abs (abdominal muscles) and make sure your right leg stays straight. Is that okay? Then we move on to the next yoga position.

How do we do yoga? Start with the board

Let's move the left leg back to join the right. For this initiation exercise in yoga, make sure that our back is flat, our abs are contracted, and that the whole body is working. Hold the position for 5 breaths. 

Initiation to Yoga: Cobra posture

For this beginner's yoga exercise, let's kneel on the mat with our buttocks down. Arch your back, chest out, arms stretched out in front of you near your ribs. Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Finally, let's breathe! This initiation to yoga opens the energy centers in the body, reduces tension and fatigue.

Yoga position for beginners

Let's get our butts up in the air, bringing our chests to our knees. Let's try to push our heels down while looking at our toes. Let's hold the position for 5 breaths. This exercise relaxes the neck and abs. It is one of the most restorative postures in beginner's yoga practice.

Yoga posture for beginners to do at home

After these few exercises, we remember the time when we wondered how to do yoga without daring to take the step. It's time to go further. Let's put the right leg forward and make a big lunge. With a deep breath, let's raise our arms to relax our shoulders. Let's keep the belly and ribs tight. Make sure the right knee is bent squarely while the left leg is straight. Hold the position for 5 breaths. Still a beginner in yoga or already comfortable with these postures thanks to initiation?

For this new exercise for those who are still wondering "how to do yoga at home", let's breathe in and raise our arms above our head. Let's exhale, bend our knees, as if we were sitting in an armchair. Let's try to put our thighs parallel to the floor, keeping the weight in our heels. Our shoulder blades should go towards our lower back. Arms are raised, palms facing out. Let's retract the coccyx to relieve the spine. Let's hold our breath.
Let's remain calm and stable for this yoga posture, staring, for 5 breaths. Breathe in, straighten your legs and lower your arms behind your back.

Holding this yoga posture to do at home strengthens the legs, opens the shoulders and chest and creates warmth throughout the body. Through the practice of yoga, and especially through this yoga initiation, we can feel the energy in every breath.

Yoga exercise: the tree posture

Let's stand up straight for this yoga exercise to do at home. Let's bend our left knee and join it to our right inner thigh. Keep your hips straight and raise your arms. Let's stabilize our gaze forward and maintain balance. Hold the position for 5 breaths. Slowly release the leg on the ground and repeat the movement with the other leg. This balance-based pose strengthens the lower body and our concentration. This is an initiation to yoga that makes you want to know more, right?

Watch this video: yoga for beginners 

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