Loss Weight - How do you lose 3 kg

How do you lose 3 kg?

 Loss Weight - How do you lose 3 kg

There they are, those ten pounds that weigh you down. To get rid of them, Beatrice Benavent-Marco, dietician nutritionist, explains how to do it. Because it's not only a question of losing 3 kilos, but also of not putting them back on and avoiding the yo-yo effect.


To lose weight, it is important not to put yourself in a stressful situation. A good (and therefore long-lasting) weight loss is progressive. It is therefore not visible to the naked eye! Learn to feel your body, to love it and not to torture it either physically or morally. If you really want to put a price on your efforts, only climb on a scale once a week (always the same scale, in the same place and at the same time). Especially since weight variations during the day are not necessarily due to a gain or loss of body fat. It can also be useful to know your body mass index, to know where you stand.

To lose 3 kilos it takes at least 15 days to lose 3 kilos

"If these three kilos correspond to a rapid weight gain (excess during the holidays) and the patient has a stable food profile and usually follows a balanced daily diet, one can imagine a fast and restrictive diet (often hypocaloric and high-protein). However, it is very rare that I propose this type of cure, as it promotes the loss of dietary landmarks, the disruption of metabolism and the yo-yo effect," explains Béatrice Benavent-Marco, dietician nutritionist.


In these exceptional cases, a hypocaloric and high-protein diet will consist of suppressing fast and slow sugars, in particular by reducing the intake of fruit and starchy foods. It also involves controlling fat intake, increasing the ration of lean animal protein (skinless poultry, lean fish, poultry ham, occasionally smoked salmon) and refuelling with raw vegetables (to increase the ratio of vitamins, fibre and nutrients).

We keep the white dairy products without sugar (3% fat maximum), we eliminate cheese, sodas and alcohol. This restriction should not last more than 10 days.

We count on large protein salads seasoned moderately with vegetable oil (olive, walnut, rapeseed), a cottage cheese and 1 slice of wholemeal bread (avoid white and industrial bread) for breakfast and a dairy for the afternoon snack. The vegetables can be eaten at will.

As the effectiveness of this diet depends on the stabilization phase, it is advisable to gently and judiciously reintroduce foods that have been limited. "This type of diet is forbidden for people with health problems or who are yo-yoing because it disrupts the metabolism and amplifies weight problems," the dietician reminds us.

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On the other hand, if the 3 kilos are well established, it is not advisable to follow a high-protein, low-calorie diet. In fact, it is necessary to identify what is wrong with eating habits, find a good rhythm and re-establish a balanced diet over the long term to avoid relapse and weight regain. Follow-up by a health professional (dietician, nutritionist) makes it possible to identify the problems and build a diet adapted to each person.

It is recommended to reduce the portions of certain food groups (starchy foods, sugars, fats) in each meal, but never to eliminate them. The proportions will be established according to the height, weight, energy expenditure and lifestyle of each individual.

"Restrictions and obligations don't go well with a serene weight loss over the long term," the nutritionist reminds us. "The follow-up allows us to give personalised keys adapted to the life and tastes of each patient".

In the absence of medical monitoring, it is therefore a question of being willing to reduce by oneself the intake of high-energy foods and behaviours likely to promote weight gain (snacking, aperitifs, etc.). In addition, this dietary rebalancing can be accompanied by a sporting activity, which is necessary to consolidate weight loss over the long term. "I recommend to my patients the practice of a sporting activity, but under no circumstances do I impose it. Everything must be adapted to each person."
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