To lose weight, allow yourself some distance

To lose weight, allow yourself some distance

Eat a pizza to get a diet? In short, this is the recommendation of Portuguese researchers who have observed that it is easier to stick to a weight loss program with one day off.

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In order to succeed in a diet, it would not be necessary to be too strict with oneself and to follow a low-calorie food program too restrictively. And that's not bad faith talking, but researchers! In fact, this is in short the conclusion of a study published in the medical journal Journal of Consumer Psychology according to which It would be important to have a day off to break down without guilt on a pleasurable dish.

Researchers from the University of Tilburg (Netherlands) and the University of Lisbon (Portugal) carried out a study with 36 volunteers to compare the effects on the line of a restrictive diet all week and a program with a day off.

The first group followed a restricted diet at 1500 calories per day all week long and the other followed a diet with 1300 calories per day all week long and a pleasure day at 2700 calories per week. All participants were required to keep a food diary.
Scientists have observed that individuals on a strict diet do not experience the experience very well. Each time they fell for a food that they enjoyed, they lost their motivation. On the other hand, participants who knew that they could really enjoy themselves on a certain day of the week were in a better mood and did not tend to crack. The scientists also realized that they remained more motivated than the others to follow their slimming program and continue their diet after the study.

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The researchers found that people who had fun did not lose less weight than those who did not. But, they point out that it is important that the expected differences during a diet should be controlled. It is necessary to choose a dish and a day to crack and stick to it.
Nevertheless, it is difficult to know to which saint to devote oneself so much the studies follow one another and do not resemble... Indeed, very recently, a team of Australian researchers had shown that eating well during the week but "letting go" at the weekend induced a greater risk of weight gain...
Until you really know what you need to do to lose weight sustainably, the simplest thing to do is to eat as balanced a diet as possible, take part in physical activity and, if necessary, consult a doctor and/or a dietician/nutritionist: he or she will be best able to offer you a program adapted to your needs.  

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