Weight Loss 7 Tips to Feel the Satisfaction

Weight Loss: 7 Tips to Feel the Satisfaction

Weight Loss: 7 Tips to Feel the Satisfaction

The solution to eating without gaining weight and feeling full is to eat only when you are hungry. Easy to say! To regain a balanced eating behaviour, discover the recommendations and advice of Dr Florence Solsona, doctor, nutritionist and co-author of "Recipes for appetite suppressants and anti-kilos" published by Editions Larousse.

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"The only living things that are never overweight are wild animals and small children," says Dr. Florence Solsona. "Because hunger and weight management must be done naturally and instinctively and cannot be controlled and reasoned about. But, it is not necessarily obvious to be in total harmony with our body. Different elements disturb our sensations. Bad eating habits (not knowing how to take one's time to eat, watching TV during the meal), falling for junk food or eating industrial food products disrupt hunger and cravings.


Our organism is designed to function with a balanced and varied diet. But, when we eat after we are full, we store calories and get fatter.

Hunger is an internal need to recharge the body with calories and energy. When blood sugar levels drop, the brain perceives a lack of fuel. Hunger can be expressed by a hollow in the belly, gurgling. It can also lead to headaches and concentration problems. As soon as you start to eat, hunger gradually decreases. In order not to gain weight, it is necessary to feel full and to eat in good conditions.


If you have listened to your body and your eating sensations, you will have reached your satiety threshold. "As soon as you feel that you don't need to keep eating, that you don't enjoy it anymore, stop until the hunger returns," says Dr. Florence Solsona. No more heavy meals or snacks between meals. Your hunger will naturally return at the next mealtime. You can also adjust your meal times. It's better to eat an hour earlier than to wait for a snack. An earlier dinnertime is a simple way to rebalance your diet.


"Sitting at the table puts you in a position to activate food regulation," explains Dr. Florence Solsona. Eating while seated allows the brain to analyze food and send a clearer message of satiety. It's the essential feeling to stop eating when you're hungrier and avoid gaining weight.


Eating slowly and increasing the frequency of chewing reduces calorie intake and helps control weight.

Eating slowly allows time for the body and brain to come together. The brain needs to be informed: chewing for a long time is the equivalent of a substantial meal for the brain. After 20 minutes of chewing, it has released enough histamine to send a satiety command.

To chew well, it is recommended to avoid soft foods, to consume raw vegetables, to rehabilitate legumes.


Watch TV, read, call or solve a sudoku... These activities have nothing to do at the table! When you eat, leave your brain alone and concentrate on its task, don't do anything at the same time. "The brain will make mistakes in its appreciation of the calories absorbed and will send the stop message very late," explains Dr. Florence Solsona.


Sweets, white bread, white pasta and table sugar cause a secretion of insulin that leads to 2 to 3 hours after cravings or false hungers that push you to eat without real need. "A sweet breakfast does not always satisfy until noon, whereas a salty breakfast with the same amount of calories allows you to eat without feeling hungry," recalls Dr Florence Solsona.


Salty and sweet industrial foods are saturated with fat, salt and sugar. However, salt, like sugar and fat, has addictive properties that make it difficult to eat these foods without hunger. "Industrial foods trick our brains into eating without hunger," says Dr. Florence Solsona. We avoid it in order to concentrate on natural, unprocessed foods. "The best way to regain all these good eating behaviours is to go back to the kitchen and prepare simple, tasty, balanced and satisfying dishes," says Dr. Florence Solsona.
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