Wendy's Breakfast Menu launches Review

Wendy's Breakfast Menu launches Review 

Wendy's Breakfast Menu launches Review 

Okay so I'm gonna do it I'm gonna go
into Wendy's and order the entire
breakfast menu I'll be right back okay
it's all here I ordered it all and I
can't say enough they were so nice so nice.

Jeremy Theresa they were wonderful
wonderful I can't say enough I'm gonna
go home and I think Karen is going to
join me for this since I have like 19

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So these are the season potatoes I will put the
menu board up so you can see the prices
just so you get ready I'm sure they
buried her regions so if you didn't know
what needs just started selling
breakfast and I think they have sold it
in the past like years ago when it comes
to this comes and goes but it's been a
while but I'd still think they sell they
have been selling like a limited menu in
like 300 locations but some of those
were like airports where they open like
super early right because my dad had
mentioned one day to me that he went to
Wendy's for breakfast I'm like you did
what I didn't know that what's the thing
but okay but now it is alright so I know
I mean I didn't know it wasn't a thing
oh really
hahaha I fell so these are like will see
me a weeks ago mm-hmm I'm excited to try
these really good a pun remind me of
Arby's curly fries mm-hmm
similar yeah very good mm-hmm all right
so we're gonna rape these each item I'm
gonna soda go one through five skin
we're gonna do how many eggs do you give
it a one to five eggs I'm taking a
second once I give it five in you get it 5x

I'm gonna give them I'm gonna get all
five eggs are good when they be good
with ketchup or barbecue that is huge
I believe I'm gonna say I'm gonna go say
this is the Baconator just by the feel of it
breakfast Baconator is my guess let's
see I am correct breakfast Baconator is
grilled sausage American cheese
applewood smoked bacon fresh cracked
grade-a egg with more cheese and more
bacon covered in a Swiss cheese sauce
egg cheese lots of cheese two pieces of
cheese the egg so that's pretty cool
just like their burgers oh God
it's square cute alright we're gonna
have this and what's the dressing is
there anything or no no no mayonnaise no
no so this is like on a bun instead of
like a biscuit or if you're something
like there are other sandwiches so the
egg is it's not scrambled it's like a
high alright there's a spice to it
no not really no oh maybe a little bit
maybe it's probably the sausage mm-hmm I
just try the sausage to see yeah it's in
the sausage is the spice it's good I was
I wasn't so sure because it was the the
bun and usually I like a biscuit with my
breakfast and windows but I think it's
good and what's the cheese Swiss it is
covered in Swiss cheese sauce
this isn't Swiss oh there is a Swiss
cheese sauce on okay on the top I don't
like the sauce you know because I don't
like Swiss cheese but if I would give
them sauce so how many eggs do you give
it three and a half yeah I will give it
four make the sausage is good as well is
a little spice but not
got a combo and some you know why
wouldn't I - keep on it so this one is
the classic egg and cheese sandwich
sausage same cheese there's no cheese
sauce on this one
Oh kind of cheese it is American say I
was thinking on the classic I was
thinking it was all the fun but this is
like a different type of bread hey
welcome to have more I just so see I
don't get a spiciest oh yeah I do
I take together yeah for the for the
sausage but the breads interesting you
know what's the tropes gonna like that
not being a biscuit but moving on oh I'm
excited to try
we're gonna give the a grading oh how
many right three and a half again just
cuz it's spicy I'm gonna give it for me
I give it a three eggs
tricks I think in this crowd rather have
the regular bun or a biscuit so we have
do you like I like the button on there
doing it yeah do you like
okay so what's just giving the gravy
wealthy buttermilk biscuits smother in
white pepper gravy and grilled breakfast
sausage aha southern more sausage more
sauce I'm assume it's the same sauce mmm
spicy mm-hmm maybe I didn't get a piece
of sausage
I like the gravy I like thick craving
mm-hmm I like the biscuit do they make
their own biscuits or are they coming in
frozen I'm not sure but either way
they're good mm-hmm this is pretty good
there's not many fast food gravies that
I like all right this one's really good
that's good and it's a good amount on
there yeah give it 4 and 1/2 X I'll give
it for three quarters Oh because taste
the spice again though
one bag down okay just a sausage biscuit
it sees sausage the fluffy buttermilk
biscuit with sausage biscuits are good
no I'm not a fan of voice biscuits
no my kids like I'm on something else
but this is good I went to get it I'm
gonna give this for four eggs I have a
two and a half two and a half and we
find it plain all right so oh we're on
to the croissant a square square square
few spare of square this is the bacon
egg and Swiss room I'm like those cuz
it's Swiss so this is the first crack
egg applewood smoked bacon covered in
creamy Swiss cheese sauce on a flaky
croissant and bun so it's all their
bacon the same as the Apple bacon is
that happy I think any type of wood yeah
nothing but a croissant bun
see that's just weird that yellow egg
may be more real than you know it's not
powdered egg nothing like the food I
like that I got one with American cheese
so you can try it with American did she
actually the cheese isn't bad on here
sounds good but I don't know if I would
know it was a person I still think I
prefer the biscuit oh good how many how
many eggs you give it maybe three okay
I'll go with the three eggs
so this one is the same thing but with
instead of the Swiss I got American they
said you can change out the cheese so
good to know and also it looks like you
can get their menu like when they open
for breakfast at 6:00 I played at six
you can get the whole menu oh yes
nuggets somebody came in and Frosty's
the whole oh the one thing I did not get
was the frosty the there was a frosty
coffee drink it's frosty Chino or
something like that I don't I don't like
coffee Karen isn't my coffee but I know
the endorsement did a review on that so
you can check out his review because he
he loves his coffee
no no what time did they serve breakfast
till I think it's six to ten thirty I
believe okay no check that all right so
the same thing just American just
American cheese it's good I think I'm a
kind of fan of the Swiss I like this one
better like respect know him yeah cuz I
said you could switch out any of the
cheese you know how many eggs I'll have
enough for three and a half doesn't like
the cheese better you better shave all
this sausage sauce oh this is the
chicken oh I'm an excited try this one
chicken on a croissant this is the I got
the smell don't you smell it so you know
the maple bacon chicken salmon oh god
bacon on everything bacon so it is a
juicy chicken breast applewood smoked
bacon a maple butter oh wait a minute
I was thinking the maple was the bacon
but no okay no cheese no cheese on this
oh and I could smell smell it's funny
because in my head I kept thinking when
I read this I was thinking it was the
maple bacon uh-huh
okay so long maples in the chicken no it
says the maple it's a maple butter on
the biscuit on there on the croissant
cuz I can taste it on the chicken well
quite seeped in I'm not I'm not a fan on
the maple butter yeah I'm getting the
taste of it in the chicken well I think
it's from the bun - soke didn't go so
what do you give that one shouldn't have
- I'm gonna give it to
that's not very sweet it's a little
sweet a little savory and then I'm not
good apparently just so this is another
croissant this is the sausage we already
have a sausage croissant
no it's sausage I bet you the sausage is
mmm sauce the cheese's the Swiss cheese
sauce Oh Lacey it's love in this review
it was alright I like the bacon one
better I'm gonna get two and a half inks
what about two they love their spicy
sausage do you like spicy and some
things yes maybe spicy for breakfast and
love you know that breakfast right oh
you're not gonna anymore try this
la Swiss cheese 600 meal bar oh yeah
that's all you don't like oh that smells
like oh man to me it smells like raisins
soft soft
there are ways I'm not a fan of raisins
but it does almost taste like a meal
cookie kind of like a thicker oatmeal
cookie it was with in the cookie case
okay but if they can put on the
breakfast menu or is it just you god
it's on the breakfast okay
so I don't also sell this all day find
out what's white cookies give it I'm
gonna give it two and a half just
because of the raisins didn't have
raisins I could probably go up to like a
three or four cuz it's good it's got a
good flavor
how many damages like seriously oh so
they have a chicken one two Oh see
chicken and bacon okay I just had my app
open and I was just ordering so this is
the bacon egg and cheese biscuit no no
this is the hot chicken so this one
that's not on my menu here cuz I'd
ordered a honey butter chicken biscuit
this look like a bacon chicken biscuit I
don't know it's not on the menu give a
truck as I think you go just like other
places you can go I'm just saying I want
this then what are you gonna try it on
what did we try the chicken on it was uh
it was this way was the croissant that's
okay Zoey this isn't a biscuit form with
that's saying okay it smells like the
sweet hmm that means the same thing just
in version I think I like this better
though just because I like the biscuit
better than the croissant mmm not a fan
of the bacon and the chicken together
much meat mix um I don't know maple gets
into the fake into the yeah not a fan of
that yeah I do
dip eat my bacon in like syrup I do like
that flavor I'm gonna give this one to
two and a half
all right so here this is the bacon egg
and sausage no not bacon you saving it
sausage egg and cheese biscuit mm-hmm
old tradition yes this is the American
cheese definitely I love the biscuits
how many eggs over three and a half
we're doing the biscuit a 5 mm I want to
slice I like there's a little heat like
that it's not gonna get it more after I
stop eating it all right but it's good
I'll give it 4 eggs I'm definitely a
bigger fan of the biscuit yes then
they're croissants and the bun the bun
was actually better than the curse on I
think all right
we just have a bacon biscuit here simple
bacon no cheese no cheese just sort of a
sausage biscuit we go did we have a
bacon egg and cheese biscuit or no if
not I'm think we're gonna get two we
have I don't know lacy is loving that
sweet sweet sauce white honey butter
oh yeah it's the honey butter so if you
like honey butter no power head pot yeah
I think it's good I like it better I
think the other was the maple but the
honey butter I do like so this one I'll
give we have it for 4 eggs
how to eat till dinner so no hashbrowns
the only side they have are the French
press okay so this is here what you were
asking about the fake bacon egg and
cheese is there cheese no this one's
missing sheep oh it's bacon irony thing
so just pick an egg basket like this
should have been a bacon egg and cheese
I think okay okay miss miss interchange
but that's all right
this is when I get mad like you go
through the drive-thru and around the
road you're traveling and then you get
on the highway and they gave you the
wrong sandwich that'll look for you
leave and they I know happens to me when
I get I got a drink and it's not my diet
coke mm-hmm always check it's good
there's no sweet there's an old spice
right I'd say put the cheese on it the
American the American cheese shall I
give the five to the biscuits for a half
that's it all right
so we did we tried it all what was your
favorite I'm going back to the gravy the
biscuit gravy now tell me I would agree
the biscuit great biscuits gravy and the
fries I really I really like the fries a
lot yes the fries were good too would
you go back or would you go you're never
alright yeah um no I would definitely
it's an option yeah cuz usually you
don't have right like around Osby I like
to write and I like their biscuits
because like you said some of the other
places so a little dry yes they're dry
these are nice soft moist biscuits so if
they're that way every day yes I would
go back and get probably a chicken
biscuit or a egg and cheese biscuit
right you might yeah the chicken just a
with no
without yes without the sauces or cheese
or whatever all right can you see this
max there's a lot of food oh my gosh my
create it all fitted good this on the
weekend when the boy that around and the
kids right but made too much noise for
all that yeah I gotta give it to Wendy's
I think they're doing a great job with
the breakfast I think it's comparable to
any other fast-food or maybe even a
little better yeah I will definitely say
the sausage and gravy were better than
other fast-food that I've had and
everything's pretty much a sandwich yeah
it's like they don't have pancakes or
right which I guess I'm a french toast
it surveys originally like when they
came out years ago they were like doing
omelets and some other stuff and it was
just like too much apparently so I guess
we're trying to simplify it okay but it
is nice they out for the instead of just
biscuits they do have like the button
and the croissant mm-hmm so it's just
not strictly biscuits right even though
the biscuits are good right the
croissants not bad no it's not bad it's
just if I was going now we go for the
biscuit over the croissant and what's
getting I'm loving me yeah and I knew I
would when I saw the handle oh that's
gonna be good so yeah it's alright if
you have tried their breakfast I think
it just came out this week let me know
in the comments below
brings me to like this video isn't long
enough yes exactly the question of the
day is what is your favorite thing for
breakfast my husband makes the but would
he call it a breakfast burrito breakfast
burrito that's why I think they have
breakfast burritos yeah I'll go back
tomorrow I'll see if I can get that
because they were super nice I you know
you know chick-fil-a gets it you know a
good has a good reputation for you know
your customer service and they do they
do but Whitney's very good I was Theresa
and Jeremy
super-nice she was like bagging him up
the way I ordered that she was she was
great and this was a lot and this was
actually his first time taking a
breakfast order so okay very patient
with me he was great
I can't say enough good about those two
so I wonder how if they're quick though
cuz like chick-fil-a is just boom boom
boom quick think it's probably I take
out some time just for everyone to get
used to the different sandwiches I went
back to Wendy's and they remember me I
knew I forgot the frito
so give it a try my first thought is it
is a little small for the price it's a
dollar thirty nine which I guess other
fast food places their burritos are late
you're nine cents but maybe it tastes
so it looks like it's scrambled eggs
cheese and sausage for the burrito the
eggs are scrambled everything else there
looking like a fried egg it's good I
didn't get picante sauce I probably
should have but it's a decent burrito
yeah I guess I ate that kind of weird I
like that
I guess sandwich but um yeah it's good
this okay it would but context sauce
would make it better so I'm not sure
what Karen is up to this morning but so
I'm not sure what her rating would be
but I'm gonna give it I'll get three and
a half X it's not something I wouldn't
usually get for breakfast but if you
like burritos
you know it's it's decent so when I went
in I did find out that the hours are six
to 10:30
let's put the drive-through it opens at
6:00 but the dining room doesn't open
till 7:00 and you can't order the whole
menu in order burgers and whatever but
it just might take a little longer which
for me that would be fine cuz you know
it's fresh and just made I think it's
awesome nothing out for that just
because if you your kid wants lunch one
kids wants breakfast it works out
perfect so anyway back to the question
of the day my favorite breakfast when
I'm not watching what I eat today
because I do eat eggs every single day
either with bacon or sausage but
calories didn't matter carbs didn't
matter french toast
a good french toast oh yes I am very
particular about my french toast and in
Clearwater Florida
Florida there's two places that I love
and I'll be going back soon and going to
the one place but it's thick it's just I
gotta have cinnamon in my french toast
and places some places don't do that
I don't it's just the best a French
toast is like french toast and some
potatoes yeah potato wedges would
probably be my favorite so what is your
favorite breakfast let me know in the
comments below and if you liked the
video give me a thumbs up and you
haven't subscribed think about hitting
that red subscribe and fell
patience and share because while people
don't know they have breakfast
Karen thought they always have breakfast
she didn't know I never eat there so
yeah but thank you again Karen now I
might sure I'm alright thanks for
watching have a good day and I will see
you next time
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